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The spacious backlots outside our studios offer a wide range of sets and space for new construction in the immediate proximity to our sound stages, production offices, and workshops.

Metropolitan Backlot

The new Metropolitan Backlot set at Studio Babelsberg is among the most extensive in Europe. Four street settings in different architectural styles meet a wide range of locations, be it New York, London, Berlin or Paris. From modern metropolitan areas to historic backdrops, the flexible modular construction and the completely customizable surfaces can create any setting you need.

  •     convertible into any city
  •     four street settings in different architectural styles
  •     dividable courtyard and several interiors
  •     modular construction: flexible adaptation and expansion of facades
  •     digital set extensions (blue screen and green screen)

Technical data

  •     8,300 sqm (2 acres) facades
  •     54 facades
  •     5,000 sqm (1.2 acres) cobbled and asphalt streets
  •     3,000 sqm (32,292 sqft) scaffold structures for set extensions
  •     12-15 m (39.4-49.2 ft) high
  •     600 doors and windows
  •     Easy access to power and water
  •     Suitable for vehicles of up to 20 t

For more information on our new Metropolitan Backlot please download our booklet (PDF, 5 mb).