Aircraft Mock-up

We offer Germany's only hydraulic modern aircraft film set!

Technical facts


65,6ft. lenght x 11,5ft. width x 8ft. height

  • Seats for 120 passengers (removable)
  • Kitchen in the front and in the back
  • Lavatory
  • 4 entries and exits
  • Docking station Airport/Gangway
  • Lighting
  • Removable left side of the cabin

Gimble (optional)

77,7ft. lenght x 13ft. width x 5ft. height

  • Setup on request
  • Lifting height 2,6ft. total
  • Manual operation on demand


11,5ft. width x (2,5 m tief) x  8ft. height on the platform+ 1,6ft. height

  • 2 seats for the pilot and co-pilot
  • Original, lit up instrumentation
  • Programming of 4 LCD-displays on demand
  • Removable back wall
  • Removable control panel (front view of the pilots)
  • Removable side windows
  • Connection cockpit-cabin possible
  • Manually operated gimble