Up to 25% cash rebate plus regional soft monies

The German federal government and regional film funds support filmmakers through a one-of-a-kind film production rebate program.

The German Federal Film Fund (DFFF) offers productions 75 million Euros per year for qualifying films. Film producers can obtain a grant of up to 25% of the approved German production costs: a minimum of 25% of the production costs must be spent in Germany, unless the production costs exceed 20 million Euros, in which case the minimum is reduced to 20%.

In addition, a number of regional film funds with a current budget of more than 170 million Euros annually provide financial support to productions of any budget size.

We have strong working relationships with both the DFFF team as well as regional funding bodies. Studio Babelsberg is your reliable partner for all incentive, soft money and financing solutions. Our team is specialized in international productions and provides exceptional services at all stages of production. Ask us!